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Frequently Asked Questions

Year of Manufacture plate

Can I register an old Florida plate to my classic or antique car or motorcycle?

Yes, so long as the plate is prior to 1977 and matches the model year of your vehicle. Only one plate is required. Visit your local Tax Collectors Office and pick up a registration form for “Year of Manufacture.” The state does not accept restored plates or plates with excessive rust. However, acceptance is based on the judgment of the official reviewing your plate.

400th Anniversary of the Founding of St. Augustine

What did the “400th Anniversary” on Florida’s 1965 plates commemorate?

The 1965 Florida plate recognizes the founding of the city of St. Augustine, the oldest continually occupied European settlement in the continental United States. The city was founded by the Spanish admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés on August 28, 1565, the feast day of Augustine of Hippo, and consequently named by him San Agustín.

Pair of 1918 Florida plates

Did Florida ever issue license plates in pairs?

Yes, but the last time was 102 years ago! Florida required pairs of plates for only four years—1918, 1919, 1920, and 1921. In all other years, the state has required only one plate, on the rear of the vehicle.

Florida counties

How can I find out the county number code used for my county on Florida plates from 1938 through 1975?

There’s a complete list on the home page of this website, in the gold box near the top of the page. County codes were ranked according to population, with the most populous counties getting the lowest numbers. Although population trends fluctuated in the ensuing years, the county codes were never changed.

Weight classes

What weight class would my car fall under?

The most common are D for cars under 2500 lbs., no letter from 2500-3500 lbs., W from 3500-4500 lbs., and WW above 4500 lbs. The full list is available from the home page on this website.

Who can I contact about buying or selling license plates?

Please contact me, Jeff Francis, at